About Us: At Blue Stones LLC, we specialize in a comprehensive range of IT services, with a core focus on Software Testing, both Functional and Non-functional, Quality Assurance, Project and Program Management, as well as top-notch Consulting and Outsourcing/Resourcing Solutions. With a global presence spanning the UAE, KSA, Malaysia, Uganda, and India, we bring together over 400 technology experts to cater to your diverse needs.

Our Headquarters and Reach: Our headquarters are strategically located in the vibrant city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Complementing this, we boast an Offshore Development & Testing Center in Bangalore, India. This setup enables us to seamlessly deliver our promise of ensuring the “Right product is delivered at the right time” and that “Right resources are deployed at the right work.”

Awards and Recognition: Our commitment to excellence has been acknowledged and celebrated. We proudly received the esteemed “Best Quality Testing and Assurance Provider” award at the prestigious Banker Middle East Industry Awards 2018.

Our Pledge to You: Our unwavering promise to our valued clients is to consistently deliver the optimal outcome. This means that the “Right product is delivered at the right time,” and we ensure that “Right resources are deployed at the right work.”

Our Mission: Blue Stones LLC is on a mission to revolutionize the QA landscape by offering an extensive array of QA services, bolstered by a team of superior technology experts, and unwavering global support to all our esteemed clients.

Our Vision: At Blue Stones LLC, we envision ourselves as trailblazers in the realm of IT service providers. Our aspiration is to evoke delight in our customers’ eyes by providing a wide spectrum of value-added services, an exceptional lineup of technology experts, unparalleled extended support, and a level of assurance that stands unparalleled.


Testing and Quality Assurance

Blue Stones LLC adopted new strategies in Testing and QA to solutions such as automation, adoption of agile, DevOps, and Cloud practices to improve time-to-market, optimize the cost, and deliver the best-in-class customer experience.


Blue Stones LLC is highly equipped in providing Implementation Consulting, Project Management Consulting, Program Management Consulting, Requirement Assurance and IT Life Cycle Assurance services best suited for digital transformation era and modern IT world


Blue Stones LLC is highly established to provide fully tailor-made IT & Non-IT outsourcing services for the functions ranging from infrastructure to software development, testing and quality assurance, operations, maintenance, business analysis and support.

Managed Services

Blue Stones LLC Provides Managed services such as Service Desk, Managed Desktop Service, Managed Operating System Service, Managed Physical Server Infrastructure, Managed Network Services, Managed Security Services, Managed Core Applications, Managed Hypervisor Service..etc.








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